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Wedding DJ Services in New Orleans


Our wedding DJ services in New Orleans stand out from the rest. We understand how much planning and preparation goes into a wedding. The night needs to be perfect! Let us take the stress of the DJ away. With us you will know exactly what you are getting. We work with you hands on to create your custom wedding. 


Our preparation starts at the first consultation. DJs are not just there to play music. We are here to create a everlasting memory. You can customize your wedding DJ package and music playlist anyway you want. I you want to play some creative wedding games such as the "shoe game" we can facilitate that. We are here for you. 

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Along with taking away the hassle of prepping a DJ for your wedding reception, we can be your Master of Ceremony. Usually the DJ acts at the MC which is fine and dandy. If you would like someone to be MC all night and interact and engage with guest we have just the right people for that.  


Proper planning is key. The price you pay is not just for the night of the wedding but for everything that goes into it. We guarantee a stress free DJ experience. For all wedding DJ services in New Orleans, we arrive early, sound check and run through every aspect of the wedding. We can also provide audio for your ceremony. This includes microphones for officiant, readers, singers.  We are familiar with most of the wedding reception venues around New Orleans. Something not often though about for other DJs is the load in and load out of the equipment. For example. Bourbon View on bourbon street. There is no parking, no elevator and the streets make it difficult to roll equipment. Plan ahead and only experience allows you to plan properly. We have the experience.  

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