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Video Equipment Rentals in New Orleans

Spruce up your event plans, and ensure your technological needs are fulfilled. Depending on your venue, you may not have access to monitors, screens, or other essential lighting equipment. Finding out last minute about a lack of equipment can leave you scrambling. Relieve your stress early on; book video equipment rentals in New Orleans through Music and Lights. We offer essentials—such as monitor and display rentals—you may need for a tech-savvy event. Our video equipment rentals in New Orleans can benefit companies that want to host a corporate event without spending money on new equipment. If you need help choosing tech equipment to rent for your event, reach out to our team for help.  

50 inch TV

$35 each


$50 each

Each laptop has a HDMI port for display and Microsoft Office.

Leko Lights

$45 each

575 Watts of output. 

LED Up-Lights

$15 each

Non battery powered LED lights

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